Wednesday, 27 August 2008

THE IDEAL OWNERS/ aircraft 65

Typical craziness creating an illusion in a very sensitive area with fireballs. Maximum affect minimum force. An interesting question, where are you? The people who get the coffee are on the bottom. Do you eat as well as the dog? Head of Department. How much do you earn in the ballpark? Architypal surge of electricity and then a huge explosion. A company, earlier as a young lad, building your aircraft kits.Making a living out of it. Senior designer. The year was 2001, he wen't freelance and never looked back. £160,000. 200 or so people who do what he does. Blow up a series of caravans. Creating fireballs. A pause, etends the look. These days are big shows with even bigger egos. Appropriate or not.

The hours sort of evening, snow locations and stuff like that. Now I have a family. Nothing to do with film, I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow. Can we ask you a question. I want to get to get his autograph. How knows really. More like 20, you do have a point there, definately, wouldn't we all. That is depending on how they shoot.The camera and this is terrible. Do you know when they are coming? The really great thing was the setting itself, under-appreciated work and imagery in many ways is a great thing but in 10-20years... I would think they look so fake. Were they always important? Aeroplanes, the just sit around and talk. They don't blow anything up. Ending this weeks edition. A wonderful way, 65 years ago, In most vital vessels.

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